As a customer of www.kizobi.com you are obligated to receive full cancellation or exchange within 14 days of receiving your goods free of charge. You are free to try on the product(s). However, all items must be returned in original packaging with tags included (must not be broken or torn off). Products that has perfume, makeup, or have been exposed to smoke odor or animal hair cannot be returned. If you want to return the item(s) it must be returned in the original KIZOBI packaging that it came in. See below how you can return your item(s).


Delivery within 1-2 business days is very normal at www.kizobi.com. When buying through www.kizobi.com delivery is free of charge in Denmark. As a customer you can either choose to have your item(s) delivered near your local service point or with distribution to your desired location. We recommend to get it delivered to a service point. If your order is placed on a business day before 10 A.M. your items will be sent on the same day. If you order your item(s) after 10 A.M. your item(s) will be sent on the next business day. We ship all orders with PostNord including Track & Trace, so you always can track your package. You will typically receive a message when your package is ready for pickup. Remember photo ID if you need to pick up your item(s) at the post office.


When you want to complain about your order or exchange your item(s) to a different size or color it should be returned with original tags and in the original KIZOBI box or bag. Your return package should be sent in a shipping box or in a solid bag dependent on which of these your item(s) were received. Inside your received box or bag, you will find a return form. It can also be found here. If you want to return your item(s) you must fill out the return form and enclose it in the return shipment. If you live in Denmark then you can download and print out the return label from here and stick it on your box og bag. Return labels are always free of charge at KIZOBI if you live in Denmark. In this case it is your own responsibility to print out the return label, stick it on your return package, and deliver it to your nearest shipping point. When your return package is delivered to a shipping point, we will be able to track it through Track & Trace. As long as you use our return label you are secured if there should be any trouble during the returning process. As soon as we receive your package at our warehouse, we will strive to process your case within 5 business days. If you are living in another country then you have to send it to our address in Denmark: Trekronergade 147C, 2. Zip code: 2500 Valby.


When purchasing a product from KIZOBI you have 24 months rights to complaint. For us to be effective in handling your complaint case you should print out the return form here and fill out the reason for your complaint. You should also put your name, phone number, order number, and e-mail in the complaint. The filled-out return form should be enclosed in the package together with your defected item(s). In order to return your item(s) you must use a return label which can be printed from here free of charge if you live in Denmark. After printing it out you should attach it outside the package before you hand over your package to your local shipping point for them to dispatch the package. We recommend for you to use the free return label directly from us as it contains a Track & Trace number. By using our return label, it means that we can track your package as soon as the package is delivered to the post office. As soon as we receive your package at our warehouse, we will decide whether the product should be repaired or be exchanged. If the product is no longer produced at KIZOBI you will get your money back to your bank account. Notice that the process for complaint will take up to 10 business days. If you are living in another country then you have to send it our address in Denmark: Trekronergade 147C, 2. Zip code: 2500 Valby. 


These conditions only apply to agreements between www.kizobi.com and consumers (as defined in section 3 (1) of the Consumer Agreement Act). If you are a trader, any agreement between you and www.kizobi.com is different. You can only buy items at www.kizobi.com if you accept these terms and conditions. When ordering, you always have the right to read and accept the applicable terms and to print the terms if you wish. You are encouraged to read these terms of sale and delivery thoroughly and familiarize yourself with the obligations and rights that the terms entail for you. Including a special opportunity to return products ordered on our website www.kizobi.com.


You can safely and securely pay by debit card at www.kizobi.com. We accept all common cards such as Visa and MasterCard but also through MobilePay or Viabill. Your purchase is then handled by our partners PensoPay. Therefore, KIZOBI does not have access to your card information. You will receive a confirmation per email when your purchase has gone through. This typically happens 2 minutes after the purchase has been completed. Your payment will first be withdrawn from your bank account once the goods have been either delivered to you or sent to you.

(We reserve the right for printing errors, suppliers' price increases, price errors, VAT and tax changes, sold or discontinued goods, delivery failure from our suppliers. All rights including copyright reserved to www.kizobi.com)