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Born in Copenhagen in the Fall of 2017, KIZOBI is less a brand and more an artistic rebel movement with a sustainably-oriented goal. KIZOBI creates high-end sustainable apparel and accessories that are the result of a passion for fashion and belief in the intrinsic value of human touch. 

KIZOBI represents what the brand is: an embodiment of art and sustainability. An alter-ego of fashion, a disruptor of innovation, a champion of green. Its mission: to empower each individual to pursue a more ecologically-balanced and meaningful lifestyle without sacrificing vibrancy, craft nor functionality.

Most of us would agree that, until now, terms such as ‘sustainable’ and ‘eco-friendly’ have come at the cost of dullness of colour and lack of design. As part of its holistic vision for the project, KIZOBI aims to create a platform for individuals in Copenhagen and beyond to share their own stories. At the foundation, KIZOBI believes that a more fashionable approach to sustainability can be cultivated by a complementary practice of art and self-expression.

KIZOBI – Alter Your Ego