Jacob Shaw X KIZOBI

Meet Jacob Shaw, a world famous cellist who chose to write his own story.

Playing for kings and queens around the world wasn’t on the books when he was born in one of Londons rough neighbourhoods.

So Jacob chose to write his own story. Against all odds - a world of wealth and fame seemed so far - yet he used his talent, dedication and hard work and early on he was granted a scholarship to one of England’s finest schools.

1. Talent

2. Dedication

3. Hard work

Jacob could get the education, win international competitions and rise up to become a great and admired artist and play more than 1000 shows across 5 continents.

Now he wants to give something back - in the same way he was himself given an opportunity to unfold his talent and his art. So he - voluntarily - dedicates all his time to give young, talented, aspiring cellist the opportunity to become the best version of themselves at his foundation - Scandinavian Cello School.

So who do you want to be? Who do you want to become in life?

Jacob Shaw - Is wearing an exclusive KIZOBI piece not released.

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